We provide the highest quality mail order prescription drug service for those people with long-term prescription drug requirements. For this reason we developed the “Rational Relief” program that offers prescription drugs at no cost beyond what your insurance company pays by providing direct insurance billing and accepting insurance company reimbursement as “full payment” for your prescriptions. That means you don’t have to pay the usual 20% that most insurance companies require because we absorb those costs for you.

If you carry indemnity medical insurance you qualify for our Rational Relief Program. That’s a fancy term for insurance programs that pay roughly 80% of the cost of prescription drugs while you are required to make a 20% co-payment.

Do this without any payment! (NOTE: You must have met your insurance deductible first). Within 24 hours the pharmacy dispenses the drugs to your home address. Shipments are usually by UPS Next Day. Free arrangements can be made for Same Day delivery in the Phoenix Metro area. All prescription drug shipments are in tamper proof packages. We handle all claims with your insurance company leaving you free of the stress and hassles.


All insurance billing is provided free of charge. You pay nothing!
And you don’t have to pay the 20% that your insurance carrier requires of you!!
We provide no cost insurance billing services for customers that have an 80/20 indemnity prescription plan. This type of insurance where the patient pays for the prescriptions, and sends the bills to the insurance company to be reimbursed.
We do not work with Blue Cross Insurance because they will usually not send payment to the pharmacy, or insurance companies that have a co-pay, or bill through an online computer..


“Rational Relief” is a free membership program that will provide you with the following:
Zero cost prescriptions after you have met your annual insurance
Your choice of pick up or free delivery anywhere in the continental USA
We do all the insurance filing
No waiting for reimbursement
No one is refused this program so long as you have Indemnity Medical Insurance. That’s the kind of insurance where you have to make a co-payment for your drugs

You deal directly with concerned individuals