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High quality mail order service!
At the Canadian Pharmacy we are interested in providing the highest quality mail order pharmacy service for those people with long term prescription requirements that have indemnity prescription insurance. no prior prescription required pharmacy.
For this reason we developed the Rational Relief program that offers direct insurance billing and accepting insurance payment for your prescriptions (after all deductibles have been met.) Canadian pharmacies shipping to usa.

We offer fast delivery with same day turnaround for your mail order prescription drug delivery. We have been doing business on the Internet for over 4 years and have a proven track record of customer service. We provide old-fashioned customer service alongside the optimum convenience of online prescription drug delivery to meet all your pharmaceutical product needs, international pharmacies that ship to the usa.

Who Qualifies for our no-cost prescription program?:

All those who carry indemnity medical insurance. Thats a fancy term for insurance programs that pay roughly 80% of the cost of prescription drugs while you are required to make a 20% co-payment.


All insurance billing is provided free of charge. You pay nothing!
And you don’t have to pay the 20% that your insurance carrier requires of you!